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Taian Traveler Accident Comprehensive Insurance Covers:

Medical Expenses up to NT$200,000
If you suffer an accident involving injury, the Underwriters will, on medical advice, pay for medical or hospital expenses incurred outside your country of residence.

Emergency repatriation costs up to NT$200,000(only for Overseas Insurance)
If you suffer an accident overseas,the insurer will pay for emergency repatriation costs or additional accommodation or travel expenses including a relative or friend who has to travel or remain with you on medical advice.

Additional accommodation(only for Overseas Insurance)
The insurer will pay for additional accommodation up to NT$3000 per day, and a maximum of 10 days for overseas travel or 5 days for domestic travel under the circumstances below:

1.Losing travel documents
3.Traffic accident

AdditionalHospital Benefit up to NT$90,000
If you are admitted to hospital as an in-patient, an additional NT$1,000 per day that you are in hospital is available. Maximum amount claimable NT$90,000.

Personal Liability up to NT$200,000
If you are found legally liable for accidental bodily injury to another person or accidental damage to their property, there is up to NT$200,000. You only need to pay NT$2,000 per accident.

Personal Accident up to NT$5,000,000
If you suffer accidental bodily injury or death while traveling an insurance amount up to NT$5,000,000 is available.(The insurance amount is on the basis of how much you insure) Limited to NT$2,000,000 for people aged 14 or under or incompetent..

Cancellation and Curtailment

If you have to cancel or curtail your journey due to following accidents:
  1. Your house has suffered from natural disaster, fire, explosion, hit by an aircraft or other objects.
  2. You, your spouse, your parents, or your children have died or need to be hospitalized due to serious illness under the doctor’s diagnose.
  3. Your travel documents have been lost or become unusable.
  4. Your destination has been declared as an epidemic area, war zone, or disaster area.
  5. You have taken a licensed conveyance as a passenger and the conveyance has been hijacked.
  6. You have received a witness call.
    We will pay for the following expenses which you can not be refund or additional expenses:
    A. Cancellation:
    1. The guarantee paid to the travel agency, hotel, or transportation which can not be refund. Or the prepaid expenses which can not be refund. Or the expenses you need to pay under the contract.
    2. Paid visa fee or prophylaxis fee.
    B. Curtailment
    1. Transportation expenses:
    The expenses Insured paid to return to his/her residence or set off point in R.O.C. by conveyances such as aircraft or vessels.
    2. Accommodation expenses:
    The expenses Insured paid for accommodations on the way back to R.O.C.
    3. Visa fee
    Maximum of NT$30,000 for overseas travel or NT$10,000 for domestic travel.

Luggage and Personal Effects up to NT$10,000(only for Overseas Insurance)
For theft or robbery of your luggage, clothing or personal effects while traveling, on an indemnity basis and not &quot10,000(only for Overseas Insurance)
For loss, damage or theft of your luggage, clothing or personal effects while traveling, on an indemnity basis and not "new for old".

Temporary loss of luggage up to NT$3000
If your luggage fails to arrive with you, delayed by 6 hours or more, up to NT$3000 is recoverable for immediate necessities. Limited to twice of a journey.

RenewTour Documents Expenses up to NT$10,000
For example; loss of passport.

Hijack of Aircraft up to NT$50,000
Compensation of NT$5,000 for each day that you are in the control of the hijackers.Maximum amount claimable NT$50,000.

Delayed Departure or Arrival Benefit NT$2,000
For delayed departure or arrival of an aircraft for 4 hours or more, there is NT$2,000 available.

Forced Landing Benefit NT$3,000(only for Overseas Insurance)
Your airplane has a break down cause by inclemency; there is NT$3,000 available.

Food Poisoning Benefit NT$3,000

The Premiumof Taian Traveler Accident Comprehensive Insurance& Amount Insured of Personal Accident

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