What to do after traffic accident?

Please say NO to insurance scalpers when you have a car accident, and instead you should directly contact your insurance company and ask for professional help. Many of the car owners feel anxious when they have car accidents on road, and often scalpers will show up and offer their help, from which they try to profit from the benefit payments you collect from your insurance company.

When, unfortunately, you have a car accident, first of all, you have to calm down and try to contact your insurance company to handle the incident, which ensures you that your right won't be ruined or cause any other consequent problems. Never ever let the scalpers help you to handle it, which usually makes your claim process even more difficult because the reason they get involved is to gain some profit from your benefit payment. According to our staff, on average, scalpers usually charge 30﹪of your benefit paid by the insurance company for their "service", which accumulates to a large sum of money and seriously damage the right and benefit of victims and at the same time tarnish government's reputation. Remember, if you have a car accident, contact your insurance company for help as soon as possible, it's their responsibility to assist you and protect your right.

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