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Taian insurance company not only conveys an innovative and experienced corporate image in general, but also offers our clients more services than others do. The “Professional Insurance Company of the Year 2002 &2003” by insurance Faith, Truth, Love Award sum up Taian as the leading company in non-life insurance. We have a great track record of ensuring that our products meet the highest standards of quality and performance when they are shipped to the customer. We have 40 regional offices throughout Taiwan as well as an excellent English web site. We hope can service you everywhere in Taiwan.
We have a variety of best products to fit your particular needs, and threw everything into the R&D in order to give our clients the customized products to protect them against all kinds of body injury and property damage. As a result, many products of our company have been awarded “Innovative Product Design of the Year.” For example; “Taian motor passengers’ comprehensive insurance”、 “Taian motor collision insurance-limited indemnity for repairing costs”、 “Golfer’s comprehensive insurance” and “Taian traveler accident comprehensive insurance”.

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