The Difference of Coverage between my country and Taiwan

In order to protect victims of traffic accidents, most governments required all auto owners to purchase compulsory automobile insurance. Compulsory automobile insurance in Taiwan is named "Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance". In general, there are two major differences in the insurance system between Taiwan and your country, one is premium risk factors and the other is coverage.
In premium risk factors regard, when you buy auto insurance in your country, there are many factors affecting premium calculation. For example, the common factors include driver's claim records, driving experience, your residence area (ZIP Code), automobile color, automobile type and so on. However, insurance companies in Taiwan calculate the premium depending on three factors including Driver’s age, gender, and claim records.
In coverage regard, some compulsory motor insurance in different countries provide not only bodily-injury or death but also property damage of the third party. However, Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance in Taiwan provides bodily injury or death with a lower basic rate of nearly NT$2 thousand. The coverage provides body injury or death with sum insured amount of NT$ 1,700,000 per person, and without any damage coverage to the third party's property (i.e. car).
As a result, we strongly recommend motor owners purchasing Voluntary Motor Insurance to extend an additional cover with Voluntary Motor Third Party Liability coverage, Motor Excess Liability coverage, Passengers’ Liability coverage, Physical damage coverage, and so on.

In Taiwan
In Japan
In America
Premium risk factors
  1. Driver's claim record
  2. Gender
  3. Driver's Age
  1. Motor brand.
  2. Term Insured
  3. The purpose of use the car
  4. The region.
  1. Residence area (ZIP Code).
  2. Driving experience.
  3. Driver's claim records.
  4. Motor color & brand.
  5. Driver's Age
  6. Gender
  7. Other factors depending on individual insurers.
Bodily-injury Liability
Bodily-injury Liability
Bodily-injury Liability & Property-damage Liability

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