Design My Own Motorcycle Insurance Scheme
Different types of insurance protects against various losses involving auto accidents. Here are available different types of Auto Insurance depending on the needs of those buying policies. However, some types of auto insurance calculate the premiums depending on three factors, including Driver’s age, gender, and claim records in Taiwan. So if Quick Selection of Foreigners' Packages our online system cannot handle your individual situation please design my own insurance scheme or call 0800-012-080#3 our English toll free Foreigner's Care Service Hotline. English professional will customize the Insurance package to suit you.

Voluntary Insurance Compulsory Insurance
Motor Theft Insurance-Limited Indemnity Compulsory Motor Liability Insurance
Voluntary Motor Third Party Liability Insurance  
Taian Motorcycle Passengers' Insurance  
Motorcyclist’s Personal Accident Insurance  

How to Design my own Motor insurance scheme?
Please print out and fill the Application Form, and refax to
02-2311-6991. There will be an English professional who will contact you.
If there is any question, please feel free to contact us by dialing
0800-012-080#3 during office hours