The premium incomes of 2001 Taiwan's non-life insurance industry totaled NT$90,862,470,000, an increase of 3.33% over 2000. The growth was mainly contributed by the raise of premium level for commercial & industrial line of business after 911 attacks. However, motor line of business suffered negative growth of 6.6% due to the 20% decline in motor sales as well as the reduction of motor tariff effective from July. 1st, 2000.
Influenced by the overall market, the premium incomes of Taian in 2000 were NT$5,019,940,000, a slight decrease over the previous year. After several major losses caused by typhoons and fire accidents, the overall loss ratio in 2001 was 67.72% in accounting year basis, compared to 60.33% in the previous year.

After seven years of reengineering task, Taian has shaped its core competencies in professional human resources, product designs, multiple market channels, sales support system, and sales force. In the years ahead, facing the challenges of internationalization, liberalization, shrinking reinsurance capacities, Taian had prepared itself for the growth as compound interest rate through exploring more opportunities. In personal line of business, Taian would continue differentiating itself in providing customer-oriented services and niche products via multiple marketing channels to lead the development in value-added services instead of price-cutting competition. In commercial line of business, due to higher retention resulted from difficult reinsurance environment, Taian had strengthened its underwriting teams and skills to continue improving risk quality.

Motor Insurance
The premium incomes of Taiwan's motor insurance business in 2001 totaled NT$47.2 billion, a significant decrease of 6.6% over the previous year due to three factors. First, the 20% decline in motor sales reduced the premium incomes from new car owners with high premium budgets. Second, the premium level was decreased by over 10% in average after new tariff system implemented since July, 2001. Third, due to low renewal rate the motorcycle liability business continued its decrease by 20%, after 30% of decrease in the previous year, to NT4.3 billion. The premium incomes was only 46% of its original volume, after compulsory motorcycle liability regulation system was introduced since 1999.
Influenced by unfavorable external market environment, the premium incomes of motor insurance in Taian totaled NT$2,821,300,000, a decrease of 11.88% over the previous year. At the same time the loss ratio in accounting year basis was 67.21%.

Fire Insurance
Resulting from increasing premium level after major losses and 911 attacks, the premium incomes of Taiwan's fire insurance business in 2001 totaled NT$19.7 billion, an increase of 17.87% over the previous year. Meanwhile the fire insurance incomes of Taian totaled NT$1,164,940,000, a significant growth of 15.31% over the previous year. Due to several major losses caused by natural perils and fire accidents, , the loss ratio in accounting year basis amounted 86.99%.

Marine cargo, Fishing vessel, Marine Hull, Aviation insurance
Due to shrinking imports and exports in Taiwan, the premium incomes of Taiwan's marine cargo insurance in 2001 totaled NT$4,337,510,000, a decrease of 2.07% over the previous year. However, the premium incomes of Taian in marine cargo still grew 5.14% and reached NT$198,300,000 under strategic development.
Benefited from the raise of premium level after 911 attacks, the premium incomes of aviation insurance in Taiwan amounted NT$2.3 billion, an significant growth of 31.59% over the previous year. The premium incomes of fishing vessel and marine hull insurance in Taiwan were NT$0.7 billion and NT$1.6 billion respectively. The ranking of Taian's market shares in aviation insurance forwarded to the 3rd position and the premium incomes for aviation, fishing vessel, and marine hull in Taian reached NT$454,510,000 with a significant growth of 65.53%.

Liability, Engineering, and Miscellaneous Insurance
Contributed by the construction of high-speed railway system and metropolitan rapid transmit system, the premium incomes of engineering insurance in Taiwan was increased by 7.32% to NT$4,672,140,000. However, the engineering premium incomes in Taian was decreased by 22.01% to NT$90,130,000 with the loss ratio of 144.35% in accounting year basis.
Liability and miscellaneous insurance in Taiwan still grew rapidly and reached NT$10,076,170,000, increased by 26% over the previous year. The premium incomes in this line of business in Taian also grew 16.56% to NT$297,320,000.